Musa Dudhia & Co. Makes History with Inter University Moot Court

Since its inception in 1958, Musa Dudhia & Co. has always endeavored to be a law firm of ‘firsts’. This year’s second annual Inter University Moot Court Competition was no different. Hosted by Musa Dudhia & Co. and held at the Supreme Court of Zambia on 16th November 2018 the event was the very first time cameras were allowed in the highest court of the land!

“We’re grooming young minds in advocacy and I have hope for the profession and the country,” said Arshad Dudhia, Musa Dudhia and Co.’s Managing Partner.

The competition’s winning student Mainga Simoonga was awarded ZMW 5, 000 prize money, as well as an internship at Musa Dudhia & Co. that will provide him with a richer experience in his professional journey.

As part of the Africa Legal Network (ALN), Musa Dudhia & Co. hopes to use its regional ties to give bright law students and in turn budding lawyers a chance to diversify their skill set by possibly visiting and working in countries within the network.

“We’re a firm of integrated experts and we’re confident that our Inter University Moot Court Competition will grow into something that can pass on these internationally recognizable skills to promising practitioners,” said Associate, Italo Morelli. “After the relevant training, we’re hoping that these specially groomed interns will grow into capable lawyers and be a valuable addition to our team of Africans building Africa for Africans.”