Legal Alert | Expatriates Must Verify Their Contact Details With Immigration by 30 November 2018

The Immigration Services Department, under the Ministry of Home Affairs of Tanzania, requires all foreign nationals who are resident in Tanzania (expatriates) by virtue of residence permits, dependent passes or exemption certificates to submit their Tanzanian contact details and certain other details to the Immigration Services Department by 30 November 2018.

The details required include a residence permit holder’s current residential address in Tanzania, Tanzanian mobile telephone number and email address, as well as their foreign passport number and details of dependents.

To comply, residence permit holders must download and complete an official ‘Data Sheet’ form (available here) in triplicate, attach three passport-size photographs and three copies of their residence permits, and deliver these to their local immigration office (for example, the Immigration Offices in Ghana Avenue in Dar es Salaam City Centre).  Whilst no other supporting documents are required for the process, we suggest presenting the expatriate’s original passport and residence permit while submitting the application. Expatriates can attend in-person or send an agent, and the process usually takes less than 30 minutes at local immigration offices.

The Immigration Services Department will stamp all three sets of Data Sheet forms delivered and retain two sets. One set will be handed back, which the expatriate must retain at their workplace in order to produce this upon official request. We would recommend that a copy of the stamped Data Sheet is also kept at the expatriate’s home.

Expatriates on dependent passes must have their hosts sign a separate Data Sheet.

The requirement applies to all expatriates with residence permits, dependent passes or exemption certificates, even if their residence permit was issued recently and they have not changed address or other contact details since moving to Tanzania; as Tanzanian residential contact details are not requested in the original Data Sheet used to apply for residence permits.

The requirement was communicated via a press release from the Immigration Services Department dated 01 November 2018, a copy of which is available here.

The press release also states that, after the deadline expires on 30 November 2018, the Immigration Services Department will conduct a special investigation throughout Tanzania and will take legal measures under the Immigration Regulations 1997 and Immigration Act (Cap 54) against any person who fails to comply.

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Sonal Sejpal
Diana Koka
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