Legal Notes Volume NO 11 | Issue 5 | October 2013

Legal Notes


These are undeniably exciting times for Africa. Never before have the drums resonated with such vigor! Today, Africa is being viewed as the land of a thousand gems. The continent’s potential stretches from mineral to agricultural wealth and from rich natural resources to a youthful workforce.

In this edition of Legal Notes, we bring you legal highlights from various ALN countries, with a particular focus on natural resources, as the legal and regulatory systems in Africa have been in modification so that the relevant economic changes can occur. It is important for such laws to be enforced so that there is pertinent growth in different industries of the economy.

In this edition of ALN’s Legal Notes we address the following:

  • In Vogue: The East African Oil and Gas Sector
  • Taming the Lion Markets- Reflections from ALN on the Investment Climate in Africa
  • A Plug in the Vent- Land Ownership Challenges Hamper Natural Gas Development in Tanzania.
  • Building Blocks- Public Private Partnership and Kenya’s Infrastructure Deficit
  • Diamonds Unearthed- An Overview of Mining of Botswana
  • Consumer Protection in Kenya- Away with the Fine Print!
  • Forex Alert- Zambia’s Move in Monitoring Balance of Payments
  • Opportunites and Challenges- Kenya’s Devolved System of Government
  • Foreign Investment Protection in Africa
  • The UAE- Emerging Gateway to Africa

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Legal Notes