ALN Forensic, Risk and Compliance Brochure 2021

ALN BrochureForensics, Investigations & Compliance


We understand that it is critical for organisations to respond quickly to allegations of financial crime, misconduct and/or non-compliance. Our forensic investigation services cover financial, non-financial and regulatory investigations. Our team works closely with clients across Africa to understand their investigation objectives. We use a coordinated approach and leverage on the appropriate resources while working on any assignment. We have in-depth experience in responding to all aspects of the lifecycle of an investigation including:

  • Financial crime (fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing and anti-trust);
  • Whistle-blower allegations;
  • Asset misappropriation;
  • Regulatory violations;
  • Damage quantification;
  • Value for money investigations;
  • Internet and e-commerce fraud;
  • Leakage; and
  • Sexual harassment and issues related to safeguarding
    in the workplace.

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ALN BrochureForensics, Investigations & Compliance