Legal Notes, November 2010

Legal Notes


Welcome to the Tax Edition of Legal Notes. Although taxation in African countries is generally more in the domain of accountants rather than lawyers, ALN member firms are increasingly receiving instructions to advise on complex tax-related legal questions.

The progressive development of tax regimes in African countries has resulted in taxation laws becoming increasingly complicated. As such, more and more investors are facing taxation issues that require not only accounting input, but also legal input whether in terms of interpretation of taxation statutes whilst “wearing a lawyer’s hat” or procedural input when dealing with tax regulators and related entities. The overlap between legal and accounting issues is therefore becoming ever more obvious.

In this edition we focus on a synopsis of key tax issues in a number of ALN countries. We hope that you will find this edition insightful.


  • Going Regional – The EAC Customs Union
  • Tethering the Group – Transfer pricing regulations in Kenya
  • New developments in tax legislation in Burundi
  • New VAT laws in Zambia
  • ALN Tax Bar – A comparative analysis of tax laws in six ALN countries

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Legal Notes