G. Elias & Co.’s regulatory practice is not confined to its sector-specific and practice-specific matters. In addition to and beyond those matters, we advise and represent for-profit, not for-profit and other clients and their personnel in four broad areas. Two of these areas have a financial dimension.  One of them covers accounting disclosures and governance.  Another involves anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption law.  A third area is the law relating to privacy, security and other protection of electronic data.  The fourth area is health, safety and environmental law.  In each of these areas, we advise on articulating policy statements and setting up compliance procedures and programmes, and on making filings. We also advise on responses to regulatory requests for information, investigations and audits, and on the limits and extent of applicable compliance law.  Further, we represent clients and their personnel in criminal and civil proceedings in respect of fines and other infractions, and in administrative and other fora with consumers, competitors and regulators.

Some of our key transactional experiences are as follows:

  • Advising Zurich Insurance (a leading global multinational insurer) on various aspects of complying with Nigerian insurance and company law.
  • Advised Coca-Cola Nigeria on regulatory challenges in running certain promotions in compliance with certain regulations (chiefly lottery and Consumer Protection Council regulations).
  • Advised Multipro Nigeria on enrollment of employees of its JV Company in pension schemes with pension fund administrators for compliance with relevant labour-related legislations
  • Advised various investment and operating companies in tax audits, investigations by Federal and State tax authorities and general compliance with the Nigerian tax code.
  • Advice to Ibadan Distribution Company on corporate governance issues.
  • Advising Goldman Sachs International on compliance with the Nigerian tax code and securities law in its derivatives transactions.
  • We advise and represent Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited on product liability, tax and compliance issues from time to time.

For more information on G. Elias’ employment expertise, please contact Gbolahan Elias and Fred Onuobia.