News Flash | Kenya | Pro Bono & CSR 2017/2018 Report: Our Commitment to Positive Social Impact

ALN firms strongly believe in our joint responsibility to play a positive role in society and to meaningfully impact the communities with whom we co-exist.

A&K does this in two critical ways. First, we have created a long standing CSR Committee of dedicated staff who carefully select suitable charities to support, oversee the firm’s charitable activities in Nairobi and Mombasa around our goals of supporting the elderly, children, education and improving health and the environment. Second, our Pro Bono Committee has sought to ensure that our pro bono efforts are well-directed and designed to generate maximum impact and undertaken with the same attention to detail and level of quality as normal work. The Pro Bono Committee reviews all applications against our key pillars: improving governance and promoting democracy; assisting charities; enhancing the rule of law or public interest; addressing flagrant injustices; and the extent to which the client will benefit from our ability to be of service through our full-service offering and the ALN platform. Every lawyer at A&K is also encouraged to spend a number of hours undertaking pro bono activities and allowed time out of the office to do so.

Our goal through our Pro Bono and CSR work is to make a difference on multiple levels, from supporting individuals with basic needs to ground-breaking organisations and charities who are making wider impact.

We hope to generate real impact from our efforts and seek to widen our partnerships with like-minded clients, business partners and other organisations.

This year we were honoured to host our inaugural Pro Bono & CSR event on 20 November 2018, in honour of our Pro Bono clients and CSR beneficiaries across Kenya. The event was hosted by Karim S. Anjarwalla, Managing Partner of A&K, alongside Partners Mona K. Doshi, Rosa Nduati-Mutero and Aisha Abdallah from the CSR & Pro Bono Committees. The event recognised and celebrated the great work that charities and NGOs undertake all around the country, as well as gave a voice to some of the key organisations that we partner with on their ground breaking work.  Click here for the event photo album.

During the event, we also launched our annual report highlighting an eventful year of engagement in Pro Bono & CSR activities in Kenya and some of our ALN countries. Click here for a copy of the report.

If you are aware of any pro bono cases that the firm could consider to take up, feel free to contact us at Should you have a worthy social impact cause that you believe in and would like us to support, please contact the CSR committee at

Aisha Abdallah
Partner and Chairperson Pro Bono Committee
Rosa Nduati-Mutero
Partner and Chairperson CSR Committee