About the Firm

Established as SCAN - Sociedade de Advogados, Limitada, in May 2009, ABCC is a collaboration of a reputable and experienced team of lawyers with experience in strategic areas of law in Mozambique.

Following a regulatory requirement for law firm acronyms to include only the name of some or all members, SCAN later adopted the firm name Avillez, Bacar, Centeio & Cambule, Sociedade de Advogados, Limitada – ABCC, in June 2016.

From June 17, 2016, the firm’s correspondence and other documents bear the new name ABCC- Sociedade de Advogados, Limitada.

ABCC has technical skills to offer legal perspectives in a dynamic and constructive approach, which grants added value to its clients’ businesses. The firm’s strong teamwork and, above all, the solid local and international experience of its partners is acknowledged and valued both inside and outside Mozambique.