Legal Services

Practice Areas

The advisory team of BFR & Associés, led by Safia Fassi-Fihri and Romain Frédéric Rabillard serves clients on projects such as:

Strategic transactions: Our teams handle all legal aspects of any business, from its constitution to development, and in determining the proper strategy.

Regulatory and commercial advisory: BFR & Associés, with the assistance of specialized partners can handle all regulatory situations that a company might face including, exchange regulations, antitrust, tax, IP/IT, labour law, etc.

Legal advisory: This includes handling clients’ legal housekeeping, temporarily or permanently. Our teams are hence ready to meet client needs in Morocco and internationally in all major business law practice areas such as:

Dispute resolution

The litigation team led by Yasmina Baddou prides in its high valued expertise in this field, and in particular, with business and labour law related litigation. Yasmina Baddou can act before any relevant court; commercial, arbitral, civil, criminal or disciplinary, as the case would require.