Legal Alert | New Laws Ahead of Presidential Elections in Madagascar

Following the controversial adoption of a new set of election laws ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for November and December 2018, opposition members of Parliament took to the streets on 21 April 2018.  The movement has continued and a petition was filed on 5 May 2018 before the High Constitutional Court of Madagascar asking for the removal of the President on the grounds of Constitutional violations.  In a landmark ruling issued on Friday 25 May 2018, the High Constitutional Court denied the request for removal of the President, but ordered a dissolution of the government, the removal of the Prime Minister, the naming of a new Unity Government within 7 to 15 days and the organisation of presidential elections ahead of the initial schedule, possibly as early as September 2018.

It is unclear at this point how swiftly and how smoothly the HCC decision can and will be implemented.

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Sahondra Rabenarivo
Managing Partner