About the Firm

Located in the heart of Antananarivo’s business district, Madagascar Law Offices (MLO) is a modern, multi-service law firm with a specialty in corporate and project finance transactions. The firm advises on all matters affecting the day-to-day operations of businesses in Madagascar, including corporate compliance, sectoral compliance, high level tax, land and real estate, labour and environmental compliance, amongst others. It also provides advice on specific investment sectors, including mining, petroleum, telecommunications, electricity, tourism and hotel, agribusiness and manufacturing.

The MLO team has the unique ability to draft, negotiate, understand and comment on documents in both English and French. The firm has experience in cross-border transactions and has assisted national and international investors doing business in Madagascar.

MLO offers an essential combination of knowledge of local content, on the one hand, and an understanding of international business practices, on the other. Its understanding of civil law regimes on which Malagasy law is based, and common law systems from which many investors come from, is a key component of its practice. The firm provides advice and assistance to first tier international companies seeking to invest in Madagascar or to enter into agreements with Malagasy entities, whether private or governmental. Its main clients include financial institutions funding projects in Madagascar, large multinationals involved in mining or petroleum exploration, established Malagasy companies seeking partners or financing from abroad, and investors or potential investors in a wide variety of regulated and unregulated sectors.