News Flash | Pro Bono & CSR End-Year Report 2019

At Anjarwalla & Khanna, we pride ourselves in our culture of giving back to our country and to our continent, and as such, we actively participate in the projects that we support. We are giving of our time and resources to those less fortunate than us and we continue to foster this behavior within the Firm.

As you read through the 2019 end-year report, you will get to see the efforts of our CSR & Pro Bono teams in bringing change to the lives of many. We hope that this will make you as proud as we are of their achievements in this second half of the year. Click here for a copy of the report.

If you are aware of any pro bono cases that the firm could consider to take up, please feel free to contact us at Should you have a worthy social impact cause that you believe in and you would like us to support, please contact the CSR committee at