MTA provides tax advice as part of its service to corporate clients, where tax related legal issues arise.

Some of the areas of advise include:

  • Liability arising out of misuse of duty-free goods
  • Potential criminal responsibility arising out of failure to make timely declaration and payment of all forms of taxes
  • Persons who are liable in relation to compliance with the tax obligation of a company
  • Representation in criminal litigation involving tax cases
  • Enforcement mechanisms of the tax authority to ensure payment of tax and remedies available for tax payers after they have been served with tax assessment notification
  • The nature of tax obligations relating to VAT for exported services
  • Preparing tax appeal memorandum to tax appeal review committee and the Tax Appeal Commission
  • Providing legal advise relating the tax implications of share transfers and assisting in securing tax clearance from the tax authority
  • The legal obligations of different forms of partnerships including branches and subsidiaries to pay tax
  • Providing a high level review of the tax laws and obligations relevant to our clients