Mining and Energy

MTA has assisted a number of clients working in the mining sector in Ethiopia – spanning legal acts necessary for their entry into the country, to their operations and exit.

These services include the following:

  • Registration and Licensing: MTA has assisted mining sector clients in conducting introductory mining law surveys, describing the registration process and outlining the documentary requirements, facilitating the registration, as well as applying for exploration licenses
  • License renewal and transfer: Once registered, and after securing their reconnaissance/exploration licenses, MTA assists mining clients in clarifying the renewal process, the documentary requirements, and, where necessary, interacting with the licensing authority to ensure smooth renewal
  • Due diligence in acquisition of a license: MTA has assisted a number of mining companies in their acquisition of shares of mining companies together with the latter’s licenses
  • Mining sector related Tax Issues: The MTA team assists a number of clients with respect to their tax queries relating to the tax implications of a transfer of shares/license, a reorganization occurring abroad, services contracted in foreign exchange abroad and more
  • MTA also advises on Project Financing and Operational Matters