IT & Telecom

MTA’s IT/Telecom team advises on all legal and regulatory aspects of IT and Telecom including storing data and data privacy issues. Though telecom service provision is a government monopoly, there are specific areas and value added services (VAS) allowed for private investment. Exceptionally, VSAT service is allowed for private use upon fulfilling certain requirements. At several occasions, we had advised a number of our clients on the legal requirements for securing license for VAS and VSAT.

We have advised leading corporations on numerous IT and Telecom issues as summarized below:

  • Advising on potential regulatory blockers and action items on hosting servers in Ethiopia and storing data or content on such servers; and the legal obligations of disclosing information stored on these servers
  • Responding to detailed questionnaire on the legal (Unfair Competition) implication of introducing regional locks on mobile apparatus
  • Advising on data privacy, retention and security requirements under Ethiopian law
  • Advising on the use of encryption keys under Ethiopian law
  • Researching and reporting on telecom licensing and telecom regulatory environment
  • Advising on licensing of telecom Value Added Services and the use of VoIP in Ethiopia
  • Advising on criminal offences in relation to telecom and IT laws
  • Advising on the legality of installing special software on mobile phone devices for alerts
  • Liaising and following up with government agencies to secure their support for the regularization and operation of a company working in facilitating communication in the aviation sector