Banking and Finance

MTA attorneys have assisted their clients in the area of banking and finance.

Some of the services that MTA has provided include the following:

  • Advising an international bank on the possibility of setting up a country representative office in Ethiopia and on other forms of engagement of potential clients within Ethiopia
  • Advising China Development Bank and China Exim Bank on two separate vendor financing arrangements with Ethio-Telecom, including the review of the contract documents, the modality of repayment, the guarantee for repayment and advising on a number of Ethiopian law related queries
  • Providing an international bank with a legal opinion on the assignment of rights, title and interests in and to a sales contract entered into with an Ethiopian state owned public enterprise
  • Researching and responding to detailed questionnaire on financial markets with respect to an international bank’s capability to provide or undertake various banking services and activities, in relation to a range of products with Counterparties domiciled in Ethiopia
  • Undertaking research and responding to a questionnaire for an international bank relating to the conclusion of derivatives transactions subject to the terms of the ISDA Master Agreement