AI Powered

As part of our support to our clients’ COVID-19 response, we have tweaked our existing Artificial Intelligence platforms to quickly and affordably assess potential contractual exposure on COVID-19-related issues. Our Artificial Intelligence platforms allow us to review multiple contracts in a matter of hours, highlighting the relevant clauses that could impact your business during these turbulent times. Our review will provide you with an easily accessible summary of the critical clauses in contracts that could be impacted by COVID-19 related issues, including force majeure, frustration and termination provisions.

How the ALN Artificial Intelligent platforms work

Through machine learning and input from our lawyers, the Artificial Intelligence platforms can recognise clauses which relate to the issues you’re likely to be facing in light of COVID-19. Issues such a party’s ability to claim for force majeure or frustration in a contract, or the ability to postpone or terminate a contract.

Running our Artificial Intelligence platforms over your contracts allows the relevant clauses to be identified regardless of whether a specific clause explicitly refers to force majeure, frustration, extension or termination. The Artificial Intelligence platforms review contracts in a fraction of the time and with greater certainty compared to similar review being undertaken by a lawyer.

The ALN Artificial Intelligence platforms can run reviews for up to 100 contracts within 48 hours, and can also quickly be trained to recognise any other specific issues relevant to your needs.

Once we have the data, our lawyers can then easily concentrate their review on the relevant clauses, and advise you directly on their implications, thereby saving you significant time and resources.

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