• 7 November 2018
  • 8:00am Registration

  • 9:00am Welcome Remarks

    Welcome Remarks
  • 9:10am Opening Presentation

    Opening Presentation
  • 9:30am Opening Africa Up for Business: A Realistic Vision?

    The opening session will tackle the social, economic and political challenges and rewards of opening the continent up for business. Join us in a discussion led by recognised industry and policy leaders as they share their efforts and thoughts on good governance, political stability, strategies for economic diversification and views on how to engage business and political partners to make the most of new opportunities for investment.

    There are experiences to be learned from other economies, strategies for the employment of a growing local population, the issue of resource nationalism and the need to increase value addition in each country. Let’s understand the implications of the creation of one African market, the desirability of eliminating tariffs, how to make it sustainable, which opportunities will arise for overseas companies and how to create modern and high income economies while allocating resources more efficiently.
  • 10:30am Keynote Address by His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan

    Keynote Address by His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan
  • 11:00am Coffee Break

    Coffee Break
  • 11:30am Navigating Pitfalls and Capitalising on Opportunities: The Do’s and Don’ts of Doing Business in Africa

    Join us for a dynamic discussion on the risks and rewards of doing business in a continent that is complex and fast moving. Discover how to navigate its diverse and dynamic business environments effectively, including the importance of being on the ground, how to leverage expansion opportunities, distinguishing perception vs reality, regulatory imperatives, navigating geopolitical, currency, corruption and security risk and where to focus your efforts as you seek to capitalise on Africa’s business and investment opportunities.
  • 12:30pm Lunch

  • 4:00pm Coffee Break

    Coffee Break
  • 5:30pm Closing Remarks (Day 1)

    Closing Remarks (Day 1)
  • 7:30pm Cocktail & Dinner

    Cocktail & Dinner
  • 8 November 2018
  • 8:30am Registration

  • 11:30am Coffee Break

    Coffee Break
  • 12:00pm Africa as a Land of Opportunity: Another Scramble?

    There is no doubt that with its untapped resources and market potential, Africa will continue to increase in attractiveness for foreign investors, in both the private and public sectors. This closing panel explores some of the issues that arise from the involvement of these foreign players on the ground, including geopolitical imperatives, how they approach their involvement, investment models, and future implications for the continent.
  • 1:00pm Closing Remarks

    Closing Remarks
  • 1:10pm Lunch