Facts & Figures

Over the past decade, Africa has experienced significant economic growth and an increase in investment opportunities. At the ALN Africa Investment Conference, we explore the continent’s prospects across various sectors. Our facts and figures take a look at some key investment indicators from across Africa.

African FDI flows in billions per sub-regions from 2011 - 2017


Making Africa Work


Business activity break down of FDI into africa by capital investment

Business Activity

Top investing regions in africa by capital investment


Africa’s projected population & urbanisation trends


Foreign Direct Investment


Africa Tech Hubs

Dalberg Tech Hubs

Change in Rank of Ease of doing Business between 2009 and 2019

Dalberg Ease of Doing Business 2009 - 2019

Rank of Ease of doing Business in 2019

Dalberg Ease of Doing Business 2019

Average Foreign Direct Investment

Average FDI

Population & Nightlights