A&K Contributes to the August 2019  Edition of INTO AFRICA

African countries have been increasing their ranks of wealthy citizens through a phase of rapid economic growth. On the regulatory front, A&K Partner Rosa Nduati-Mutero and Associate Kenneth Kimachia contributed to the August 2019  edition of “INTO AFRICA: Managers of Africa’s Asset and Wealth”, where they give a high level overview of the regulatory landscape […]


ALN's Africa Bulletin | Issue No. 52 | July 2019

ALN Africa Bulletin | July 2019

The July 2019 issue of Africa Bulletin, ALN’s flagship publication, highlights Uganda’s proposed coffee Bill, which aims to reform the current law by enabling the Uganda Coffee Development Authority to oversee and regulate all on-farm and off-farm activities along the coffee value chain. The newsletter covers business news from around the continent and their potential significance […]