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"The firm's lawyers are extremely knowledgeable, understand the Zambian business environment, give sage advice and are very thorough". - Chambers Global 2015

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  • About the firm

    Zambia has experienced strong gross domestic product growth in recent years. Musa Dudhia & Co. is at the forefront of legal service provision for investors looking to operate in this increasingly welcoming business environment. 

    Founded in 1958, Musa Dudhia & Co. is one of the most established law firms in Zambia and thrives on the diversity of its partners’ expertise. 

    International directories recognise Musa Dudhia & Co. as the law firm of choice for major clients seeking skilled domestic representation.  The firm’s extensive client base includes public and private companies, investment and retail banks, international financial institutions and private equity providers.

    Musa Dudhia & Co. is committed to maintaining a strong culture of entrepreneurship and client focus.  Chambers Global consistently ranks Musa Dudhia & Co. as a leading law firm in its jurisdiction.

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